Being born in Kiel, Germany I grew up attending the handball matches of the local team THW Kiel from childhood, so handball has always been my favourite sport to watch. Photography became a big interest when I got my first SLR camera at the age of about 10. Photographing handball seems like a logical consequence but it was a total coincidence I got started.

In November 2007 I attended a match between the Danish women's teams Slagelse DT and Ikast Bording. I snapped a few photos for myself and uploaded them to my website to share them with some friends. Probably these photos would not have been seen by more than 5-10 people if the Danish handball website had not posted a link to my photos. Suddenly my website had 300 visitors within a few days.

I was thrilled with the interest in my photos, so I decided to keep taking photos at handball matches. Since then my photos have been used by websites, newspapers, clubs and federations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and Spain and the European Handball Federation.

Why the name ''?

Travelling is another passion of mine, and originally this website was meant to be for the photos I take on my travels. But at the moment my handball photography and wildlife photography ( keep me so busy that there rarely is time to upload any travel photos...